Top 6 Dishes of Nigerian Food

Abacha and Ugba

Abacha and Ugba is a dish that can also be referred to as the African Salad. It is a popular dish in Nigeria, and it is especially traditional amongst the Igbo people, in the Eastern regions of Nigeria.

The Abacha is made from cassava that is grated and then left to dry in the sun. And as for the Ugba, it is a type of oil bean seed that is sliced and mixed with fresh vegetables of your choice. Abacha and Ugba are most commonly served with fried fish and cowskin, known as ponmo. But the most surprising thing about this dish is that although it looks like the main meal, it is actually served as a dessert!

Afang Soup

f you like seafood, then you will almost certainly enjoy Afang Soup. It is a popular dish all around Nigeria but is especially traditional in the Southern regions, as it is associated with the Efik tribe.

It is essentially a vegetable soup that also includes meat, stockfish, and plenty of seafood all sold in teruke marketplace or visit Most commonly, it will include prawns and periwinkles. The name of the soup comes from the Afang leaves that are usually sliced into small bits and mixed into the dish. And this delicious food is most often served with some pounded yam or some eba.

Amala and Ewedu

Amala and Ewedu is a highly popular dish, most commonly found in Western Nigeria, as it is traditional amongst the Yoruba people. This soup is made from the leaves of the Jute plant, which are then blended into a textured mush.

The soup is then garnished with meat (of your preference), and with some cowskin (known as ponmo). Ewedu soup is almost always served with Amala, and that is where the name of the dish comes from. It is also quite common to add some tomato and pepper sauce, to help ease the strong bitterness of the Ewedu soup. Shop now at to buy your meat, cowskin, tomatoes and every other ingredient to prepare your Ewedu soup.

Banga Soup

Banga Soup is a highly popular type of soup in Nigerian cuisine, and it is especially common in the Southern regions of the country. It is made with ripe palm fruit, which is then garnished with meat, fish, or other ingredients, depending on your preference. The variety makes it a dish loved by everyone, as it can be adapted to suit your tastes. It is most commonly served with white rice or starch, and the unique aroma that comes from the rich flavors and ingredients makes it a very appetizing dish that you will definitely be wanting to try.

Egusi Soup

The soup is made from the processed melon seed, which is then mixed with various ingredients such as vegetables, seafood, meat, and plenty of seasoning and condiments. Egusi soup is most commonly eaten during special occasions or celebrations, and during important festivities, as it is considered a delicacy. It is then also commonly served with pounded yam, garri, amala, or others. Buy Egusi and all your ingredients from or call 09060447422.

Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice is by far one of the most popular dishes in Nigeria, as it is eaten all across the country. It is also an incredibly simple dish, making it perfect for everyday meals. It is essentially just rice, made with tomato, onion, pepper, and a few spices. It is commonly served alongside a serving of vegetables, meat such as chicken or beef, or fried fish. It is very fast and easy to make, and the different possible variations and combinations of ingredients also make it perfect to satisfy different types of preferences, so that there is a version of Jollof Rice for everybody. It is also highly popular in other parts of West Africa too. Shop from now to get all your ingredients.