All About Ijebu Garri

Ijebu Garri, also known as white garri, is a staple food in Nigeria, particularly in the southwestern region. It is made from cassava, a root vegetable abundant in Nigeria. It’s processed by peeling, grating, fermenting, sieving, and roasting until it turns crispy and white.

Some of the reason Ijebu Garri stand out is its crunchy texture and bright white color, achieved through thorough roasting.

People enjoy Ijebu Garri as a snack with sugar or groundnuts. It’s also used to make dishes like Eba (a dough-like accompaniment to soups) or Garri soakings (a drink made by soaking garri in water with sugar and sometimes milk).

Cultural Significance: Ijebu Garri is not just a food item; it’s a symbol of resilience and communal sharing in Nigerian culture. It’s often shared during social gatherings, representing hospitality and togetherness.